Indianapolis Office Opening!


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Trans-Market is proud to announce the opening of our new office in Indianapolis. We are pleased to provide our loyal customers even better support with a local presence in the Midwest.

Trans-Market continues to provide turn key process systems nationwide including Engineering, Automation, Installation, Distribution and Maintenance.

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Greenfield dairy design begins and ends with the process

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We believe that a greenfield dairy design begins and ends with the process.  Every aspect of the process needs to be integrated and flow.  “A new greenfield plant is a great opportunity for a food or beverage processing company. The efficiencies in labor, product, water, and energy are established by the knowledge and creativity in the process and packaging design, as is the long-term growth and expansion potential,” says Warren Taylor, Senior Process Designer at Trans-Market.

Warren shares some of his advice on greenfield plant design. He explains that it all begins by defining the needs and expectations which the finished processing plant will deliver. These are the processing and packaging throughputs, efficiencies and flexibilities. The ideal design will minimize distances for materials and people flow, allow future flexibility and expandability and deliver outstanding efficiencies in all operations.

“The final step is to wrap a building around the integrated processing, packaging, and utility systems. From my experience, it’s best to design the process before designing the building, so the quality, cost and operating efficiency of all those systems are not compromised by the building design,” explains Warren.

Ultimately, defining, designing, building, commissioning and operating a highly efficient food or beverage processing plant requires outstanding communication with all involved. We understand the documentation and deliverables needed to operate the facility well into the future.

As a member of the Krones Group, we do more. Our capabilities include designing and building a complete turnkey dairy plant. We provide expertise on processing, CIP, utilities, filling, packaging, warehouse and logistics.

About Warren Taylor: Warren has worked in the dairy industry for over 40 years and is currently a Senior Process Designer for Trans-Market.  He has worked as a process engineer and learned dairy operations from the inside, gaining an owner’s passion for efficiency and profitability. During his career, Warren led the design and startup of over eight greenfield facilities including, at the time, the largest fluid milk plant in Europe.

Process automation

Trans-Market shares insights on process automation in Beverage Industry Magazine

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 “We’re always working toward providing our customers with efficiency improvements, business intelligence and predictive maintenance,” says Joe Vizzi.

“… We provide our customers with a more consistent product by improved repeatability. Our customers also have been pleased with yield improvements from our reporting and data analysis capabilities.” Vizzi says.

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Seattle Office Opening!

seattleTrans-Market is excited to announce the opening of a new office in Seattle to better serve our valued customers in the Great Northwest.  Our local presence will make the customer experience even better.

Trans-Market continues to provide turn key process systems nationwide including Engineering, Automation, Installation, Distribution and Maintenance.

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The Ultimate Leak Detection System for Heat Exchangers

Protect product quality with the ultimate leak detection system for heat exchangers.

The Accusense System uses Helium as an established and highly effective non-destructive testing method for plate and tubular heat exchangers. Unlike conventional methods (i.e. dye penetrant) the Accusense System does not require the heat exchanger to be stripped or opened, reducing down time while detecting pin size holes down to 5 microns.

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This proven method uses Helium gas as it not only has the second smallest atom size, but is also easily detectable. This unique patented process allows for the discovery of faults before they become problematic. Costly down time can be eliminated with a planned preventative maintenance schedule.

The use of Helium has additional benefits in that it is safely dispersed, leaves no residue, is non toxic and does not stress the plate pack with high pressures. This method is very quick, efficient and only takes on average 5 minutes a section after initial setup to test a standard heat exchanger, therefore making a very cost effective solution to inspection needs within many industries.

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Houston Office

Expanding our presence in a Texas-sized way.

Trans-Market is opening a Houston Office to provide localized support for the growing demand. We are pleased to be expanding to better serve our loyal customers.

We greatly appreciate the growth and opportunities in Texas. Trans-Market’s increased presence in the Houston area with a permanent location allows us to provide better localized support.

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Don’t get hosed with an inferior product. We provide FDA compliant hoses with 3-A Certified sanitary connections for the food and beverage industry.

Ace Sanitary is the manufacturing leader in quality for the sanitary hose industry. Trans-Market fabricates custom FDA Compliant sanitary hoses for the Food, Beverage, Brewery, Dairy, Cosmetic, and Pharmaceutical markets. Trans-Market stocks a variety of flexible hose materials and 3-A Certified sanitary connections from 1.0” to 4.0” diameters.

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New Office


Trans-Market is opening a Los Angeles Office to better serve our loyal customers on the West Coast and meet the strong demand with a local presence.


We greatly appreciate the growth and opportunities in California. Trans-Market looks forward to providing local support to better serve our customers.

Trans-Market continues to provide exceptional services nationwide including Engineering, Automation, Installation, Distribution and Maintenance.

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ProFood Tech is an exciting, new biennial event that will showcase the latest innovations and technologies for all food and beverage sectors.


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We Offer Aquionics UV Technology

Aquionics is a recognized leader in providing non-chemical solutions to the food and beverage industry globally.  They have a reputation for supplying state-of-the-art technology for disinfection, ozone destruction and UV dechlorination to some of the most recognized brand name products in the industry.

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