APV Mix Proof Valves

APV Delta DA3+ double seat mix proof valve is a modern, ultra-hygienic double seat valve, designed to meet the most extreme demands of the hygienic processing industries all over the world.

The valve is free from operating leakages, safe from pressure hammers and has integrated seat lift cylinders.

One of the advantages is that after upper or lower seat lifting during the CIP pipeline cleaning, spraying of the leakage chamber is not imperative, due to the efficient cleaning of the leakage chamber being carried out by seat lifting.

Depending on your application different mix proof valves are available- standard mix proof valves, double-seat ball valves or mix proof valves especially designed for CIP applications.

Delta DA3+ Mixproof Valves

  • Safe separation of fluids
  • Free from operating leakages
  • Safe against pressure hammers
  • Integrated lifting cylinder
  • Housing free of dead areas- without sump and dome
  • Crevice-free sealing with marked profile seals
  • Comprehensive cleanability of all product-wetted parts inclusive shaft seal, seat seal, and leakage chamber
  • Minimum consumption of cleaning liquids
  • Delta DA3+ Mixproof Valves
  • Delta SD4 & SDM4 Mixproof Valves
  • Delta DE3 Valves
  • Delta SWcip4 Mixproof Valves
  • Delta DKR Mixproof Valves