Crushed Ice Melter

The Fluidor Crushed Ice Melter is basically a heat exchanger specifically designed to melt the mixture of fluid and ice produced by the Horizontal Ice Crusher. The CIM is designed to prevent over-pasteurizing of the product.The CIM brings the temperature of the product up to a homogeneous composition around 32°F for better pumping of product to the next process step.  Various versions and options are available, including a closed hot-water boiler system in the absence of steam or hot water.

Fluidor Crushed Ice Melter

  • Machine prepared for integration into existing C.I.P. system
  • Very simple operation. No re-adjustment is required for processing different kinds of products
  • No dismantling required for cleaning
  • Complete stainless steel construction
  • Installation is very compact
  • Sanitary design according to HACCP & CE regulations
  • Stainless steel warm water buffer tank, capacity 150 Gallons (steam versions only)
  • Automatic Re-Flux for process optimization
  • Possibility to bypass when melting is not required (concentrates)
  • Pumps for circulation of service water
  • Proportional control valves
  • Temperature sensors in sanitary design