Drum Dumper DAPS Series: Liquid Products

The Drum Dumper (DAPS) is designed for an efficient emptying of 55 gallon drums containing liquid products like fruit juice concentrates up to 70° Brix with a maximum viscosity of up to 20,0000 cP.

The drums are placed on the roller conveyor section where the lid will be removed and liners will be opened. The drum is lifted and tipped pneumatically, liner with product will fall into the collecting hopper and is stopped by a grid. The liner will empty itself partly. The operator brings the bottom part of the the liner into the squeezer and the remaining product is pressed out, the product flows into the hopper and is discharged by an integrated mono pump.

Drum Dumper DAPS

  • Up to 60 drums per hour
  • Stainless steel AISI 304
  • Pump capacity up to 55 gallons per minute