Drum Dumper DPRICS Ice Crusher

The Drum Dumper-Ice-Crusher (DPRICS) is designed for efficient emptying of 55 gallon open top steel drums containing non-toxic or non-aggressive liquid products like hard frozen fruit juices and fruit juice concentrates (up to 70° brix) with a maximum viscosity of 20.000 cP. The drums are placed on the roller conveyor section where the lid is removed and liner(s) will be opened. The drum is lifted and tipped pneumatically, the product falls into the collecting hopper and is stopped by a pneumatic grid (option). The bag will empty itself partially. The operator brings the bottom part of the bag into the squeezer and the remaining product is pressed out. The drum crusher efficiently crushes hard frozen product. Finally, the product flows into the hopper and is discharged by an integrated mono pump.

Fluidor DPRICS Drum Dumper Chopper

  • Hopper designed to minimize product loss
  • Electric driven chopper equipped with horizontal pins placed in hopper, suitable for deep frozen liquids, cells and liquids containing ice crystals
  • Electric driven squeezer with finger protection, product loss < 0.1%, with reverse drive for safe operation
  • Complete with screw transporter and paddle agitator to prevent refreezing of the product at the bottom of the hopper
  • Pump capacity up to 55 gallons per minute
  • Up to 60 drums per hour
  • Sanitary design according to HACCP & CE -regulations
  • Touch panel machine control
  • Drum holder with pneumatic actuated clamping device
  • Pneumatic stainless steel AISI 304 lifting cylinders
  • Integrated level detection for pump protection