Plate Heat Exchanger

With a wide range of frame compression technologies, connection types and sanitary accessories for increased cleanability, APV can cover all heat transfer needs in the sanitary marketplace.

SPX provides advanced APV heat transfer solutions for cooling, heating, condensing and evaporation of process fluids. Designed to solve heat transfer process challenges in a vast array of industries. They are designed to meet demanding process conditions and to optimize the utilization of energy.  APV heat transfer solutions have proven reliable and highly efficient helping customers worldwide to run their processes safely and economically.

SPX is committed to design and provide efficient and durable het transfer solutions to help customers optimize energy utilization and minimize downtime for improved profitability.

Plate Heat Exchangers- Sanitary

  • Innovative plate designs to match your requirements
  • Highly efficient design maximizes regeneration during heating and cooling
  • Computer aided design tools that allow configurations to optimize process run time
  • Multiple duties in a single frame