Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

For more than 80 years, Votator scraped surface heat exchangers have been replacing slow, inefficient batching operations with more uniform, controllable and repeatable continuous processing.

The scraped surface heat exchanger is rugged, economical, and hygienic that can be used for heating and cooling products of a wide range of viscosities, including extremely think and sticky products that require the cam action of the eccentric design.

Votator Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

  • Ease of maintenance and lower cost of ownership
  • Greater material choice for various applications
  • Overall length of heat exchanger is reduced by 20-25%
  • Can be serviced without disturbing hydraulic lifting system, utility piping, or the drive assembly
  • 3A, ASME, and PED Certified
  • Gear drive is directly coupled to teh mutator shaft eliminating the need for a secondary drive shaft and bearing block
  • Available with up to 30 horsepower ofr handling the most viscous products
  • Gear motor drive- no couplings, belts or sheaves