Thawing Tunnel

Purpose of a Thawing Tunnel is to pre-thaw 55 drums of deep frozen fruit juices (NFC), fruit pulps or fruit purees prior to processing these products in a Drum Dumper Crusher (DPRICS) and Melter (CIM). Pre-thawing allows the product to fall out of the drum during tipping into Ice Crusher.  Only the outer 0.5 inches will be thawed, the rest of the product remains deep frozen ensuring a better product quality. A Thawing Tunnel also offers logistic benefits removing the need to plan days in advance or the number of drums for defrosting prior to emptying.Full drums have to be loaded on the infeed driven roller conveyor before the Opening Station, from there all drum handling will be done automatically until the emptied drum is taken off the outfeed roller conveyor by forklift.  Pre-thawing is hot air blown by fans through funnels circulating around the drums while transported on a driven roller conveyor through the Thawing Tunnel. The hot air is created by circulating air through steam heat exchangers; the number of heat exchangers is determined by the required capacity of drums per hour. Standard capacity is identical to DPRICS and CIM being 60 drums per hour, however smaller tunnels for capacities of 30 drums per hour or less are also possible.

Fluidor Thawing Tunnel

  • Isolated housing around driven roller conveyor system
  • Up to 60 drums per hour, Drums will stay in tunnel approx. 60 minutes
  • Touch panel machine control
  • Sanitary design according to HACCP & CE regulations
  • (4) Steam/Air heat exchangers for a standard Thawing Tunnel
  • Air temperature in tunnel adjustable up to 195 °F
  • Stainless steel AISI 304