Tote Bin Dumper Paste

The Tote Bin Dumper Paste has been designed for an efficient handling of  300 gallon boxes or tote bins, containing aseptically packed viscous products like tomato paste (up to 38° brix) with a maximum viscosity of 25.000 cP.

This machine is fully automatic. Prior to loading, the covers of the boxes need to be removed. The bins are placed on the roller conveyor section where the lids will be removed. The bins will be automatically lifted and emptied. The aseptic bag falls onto a stainless steel wire netting belt for transport through a washing section, where the aseptic bag is washed externally by hot or cold water. Washing water can be re-circulated after filtering.

After washing the bag is fed into the squeezer that travels over the product hopper. During that travel, the bag passes over rotating circular knives that cut open the bag. This allows the product to fall into the product hopper, where it is discharged by an integrated screw conveyor to an external lobes pump. The bag is squeezed by a heavy duty squeezer, reducing the product loss to a bare minimum (< 0.1%).The squeezer is equipped with a stainless steel lower roller and a rubber covered upper roller, so the spouts do not have to be removed up front.

It is also possible with this machine to empty one 55 gal drum per cycle using the special drum adapter.

Tote Bin Dumper Paste

  • Hopper AISI 316 designed to minimize product losses with integrated AISI 316 screw transporter
  • Pneumatic aluminum lifting cylinders, clean design
  • Integrated level detection for pump protection
  • Simple adaptor for emptying drums
  • Machine control by touch panel
  • Machine prepared for integration into existing CIP systems
  • Sanitary design according to HACCP regulations and CE regulations
  • Pneumatic actuated tote bin lifting and tiltiting device to eject the aseptic bag, including tote bin clamping device
  • Washing section for external washing of aseptic bags, washing water to be collected or external filtering and re-use
  • Rotating knives to open aseptic bags
  • Electric driven squeezer, consisting of rubber covered roller and one knurled stainless steel roller