Tube – In Tube Heat Exchanger

Tube- In Tube Heat Exchanger for food applications with particles.  It is designed for high particulate capacities and can handle high viscosity products.

APV ParaTube (tube-in-tube heat exchangers) can be supplied with either straight tubes or corrugated tubes. They all follow a similar construction format with a single tube or number of smaller tubes enclosed within an outer shell. They are available in the four configurations and can be manufactured as a fully-welded design, with removable end caps or with built-in thermal expansion protection of O-rings or packing between the shell and tube bundle.

Tube- In Tube Heat Exchanger

  • High particulate capacities
  • Can handle high viscosity products
  • Resistant to fouling
  • Robust
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Working temperatures up to 545°F / 285°C
  • Design pressures to 871 psig / 60 bar
  • Flexibility in materials of construction from carbon steel to speical alloys